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How to plan effectively for your house move (in 2023) - Call 0203 633 2799

Moving can be difficult. We understand. However, if you're moving in adverse weather—or even during the summer months, you need to take special precautions when planning towards your moving day.

Here are some tips to help you make your upcoming move easier:

1) Moving in Winter? take precautions to protect any delicate items that might be exposed to cold temperatures. You can wrap them up in blankets or newspaper before packing them into boxes. If you have a backyard or other outdoor space where you can store these items, ensure to keep them in a place that is out of direct sunlight and wind..

2) Moving in Summer? Make sure to use plenty of packing materials like bubble wrap and blankets so your fragile items don't get damaged during transport. Try not to cram too many of your items into one box—this will make it easier for the movers.

3)Don't forget to clean up before you leave! If there are any belongings or trash left at your old house, make sure they're gone before the movers arrive so they don't get mixed in with your stuff and it can be frustrating when you unpack and try to put everything in its proper place later on.

Contact us ahead of your move. At Joel Removals we will take care of your moving needs!

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