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 Parking permit needed for your house move ?  


Useful parking suspension information 

If you are moving from one borough to another in London, you might need to know some information about the parking permits in your new location. Here is a list of London Borough councils and their parking suspension information. 

How to arrange a suspension for domestic removal

Many  London boroughs require the arrangement of parking bay suspension in advance if needed. Advance notice ranges from 24hrs to 3 weeks depending on the London borough.Temporary suspension of parking bay permits you to have a parking space for your move on a specific day and time, booked for a specific vehicle registration number.

 Joel Removals suggests that you find out about this information well in advance of your move if needed. However, you might not need a parking suspension. 

Simply visit the council's website and contact them directly to obtain a parking permit prior to your move. 

For your convenience, we have put together a list of London boroughs below :


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