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How to plan your Renovation temporary move

When planning the layout of your home renovations or decorating, consider where you will put things while the builders are in. If you have a garden shed or an empty room then that is great. If not, then renting a storage unit may be worth considering.

Get prepared

To help you plan your move and make the most of what can be a stressful time, we’ve compiled some steps to take before you move.

  • Start getting prepared

  • Plan the layout of your new home and make sure it is suitable. You might want to consider how much space each room will take up and how you can make good use of the space in your new home. Remember that storage is limited when renovating so try not to collect more than one or two pieces per room unless absolutely necessary!

  • Get a quote for any renovations that you need done on either end of your temporary move - this will save time and money overall, as well as give you peace of mind that everything has been organised properly.

Purge your belongings

  • Get rid of the things you don't need. Pack up everything else, and put it into storage. Take only what you'll need for a few months, and then move back in when the renovation is finished.


The first step in a smooth renovation is to clear out the space. Put things away that you’ll need during the renovation, like food and toiletries. And don’t forget to keep those valuables safe — pack them last so they won’t be damaged. Use sturdy plastic bags to protect your clothes, books, and other belongings from dust and dirt while they are being stored at our warehouse.

Pack books on shelves or in boxes with extra care! Books can be heavy so be careful as you pack them so that all of their pages stay good (and don't forget about those hardcover editions!).

Get a storage unit

Storage units are a great option for short-term storage. These units are available locally to most areas, so be sure to find the one that's most convenient for you. Once you do, accessing it will be easier: Many storage services out there have anytime access which is something you might need to check for, especially if you might need to visit at out of office hours.

Think about unpacking

It's wise to think about how long you'll need to store the furniture. If it's only a couple of months, then you can probably reuse your current furniture until the renovation is complete. This is especially true if there are pieces that are in good condition and have sentimental value as well (like an antique desk or grandfather clock).

If you are planning a home renovation this year, it's a good idea to prepare by clearing out the stuff you don't need and getting everything else into storage.

If you are planning a home renovation this year, preparation is key. Clear out the stuff you don't need, and get everything else into storage. Hire professional help before starting your project. You will want to hire a contractor or architect with experience in home renovations. They can help you plan the best way to approach your project and make sure it comes out right on the other side! Make sure that you have the right tools for the job and that they are in good condition before starting work on your new space! Create a list of everything needed beforehand so nothing gets missed out during preparation stages!"


During a renovation, it's easy to lose your cool. These tips will help you stay sane.

Joel Removals are here to make your move easy

We are able to handle your renovation move from start to finish and we will schedule your move back into your house when you need to move back .

We are experienced and efficient .

Contact us today for a quick chat about your packing and moving needs.

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Joel Removals

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