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How to move bulky and fragile Items this winter

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Moving Furniture and fragile items can be a stressful ordeal. It's important to find a moving company that is well equipped and experienced enough to handle this task for you. We have all the tools and techniques you need for a smooth move. We do proper packing of fragile items like mirrors, crockery and cabinets as requested. We will also wrap mattresses so they aren't damaged during transit due to the weather, disassemble bulky furniture before moving and reassemble them at your new home.

Household Items

Moving household items from one place to another can be a daunting task, especially if you are trying to get everything done in a short amount of time. To get started, make sure that all of your items are labeled and packed properly. By doing this, you will reduce the risk of damage during the move and save money in the long run. This includes:

  • Dishes, cutlery and crockery

  • Glassware

  • Cooking utensils

  • Kitchen appliances

  • Kitchen furniture

  • Bedroom Furniture

Sofas and Chairs

When you move house, it's likely that you'll have large pieces of furniture to transport—like sofas and armchairs. Our moving services are designed to make sure your furniture is packed safely and moved without any damage. We can disassemble and reassemble any type of furniture, including sofas and armchairs.


If you have cabinets with glass doors or drawers, just remove the doors and pack them in boxes. We'll set everything up for you when we arrive at your new place!

Fragile items

Fragile items are delicate and easily broken. These items include glassware, porcelain, fine china and other things not meant to be moved around. When you pack fragile items for moving, be sure to handle them carefully and use boxes that will provide adequate protection.

Bulky items

Bulky items are large, heavy and often difficult to move. It is important to be careful when packing them up if you are moving.

When packing your belongings, wrap them in sturdy boxes or place them in plastic containers to protect them from breakage. If you have flat pieces of furniture such as end tables or nightstands that aren't too heavy, it's best to wrap them in bubble wrap or pack them separately from larger items so they don't get scratched.

  • The next step is to label each individual piece of furniture to make sure everyone knows where it goes once everything has been unloaded at its new destination. This will help prevent confusion.

Our professional movers can disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

Our moving company Joel Removals has the capability to disassemble and reassemble furniture as needed. Our professionals can pack your belongings safely, whether they are fragile items, such as glassware and china, or large pieces of furniture. Just send up a video of your place so we know what your move entails and we will take it up from there.

Packing fragile and bulky items

  • Wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap. The bubbles will help prevent your belongings from getting scratched or broken during transit, but be careful not to over-pack them—you don't want them pressurized too much and burst!

  • You want to pack large, heavy items in sturdy cardboard boxes. Use boxes that are big enough to hold the contents. Pack the box with plenty of packing material. Bubble wrap and foam peanuts are very handy for a fragile move, helping to prevent damage during your relocation.

  • To help protect your furniture while moving them around town, use furniture covers. These covers will prevent your belongings from getting wet or damaged if it rains while during transportation.

Our moving company Joel Removals helps customers pack and unpack and transport their items to the new destination. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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