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Why use a Removals service instead of moving in bits with your car?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Today, many people in busy cities live alone, and they often rent smaller flats. Housing prices are constantly increasing, so many people are moving every few years. Moving can be a daunting process for young individuals who live alone or the elderly. However, fret not! There are many removal services that can help you along your relocation process. In particular, Joel Removals is an expert in man and van removal services.

Here are five amazing reasons why you should hire their removal service next time you move house or office.

We work around your already busy schedule planning around your move

Hiring a removal van can speed up your relocation process and ensure it is hassle-free. Most people have to take a few days off work to pack their belongings in big cardboard boxes. Taking time off at work can be difficult for some people, especially those who work five days a week between 9am to 5pm every day. With a limited amount of holidays an employee can take every year, most people would like to save these for precious time spent with loved ones instead of spending the day packing and unpacking!

We can come in ahead of your moving day to pack and to dismantle should you have a big move

Joel Removals: the man and van company you can trust, we can help you save your holidays for better occasions that using your precious time off work to pack up and dismantling your furniture. For example, a long trip to an exotic country away from the cold British weather. Or perhaps a nice and relaxing spa break at a hotel to relieve yourself from a stressful week at work. Our company services is one of the best that the industry can currently offer, we can help you prepare ahead of your moving day. This is because we have very experienced and professional removal team who can help you from the very beginning of your relocation process. We aim to provide the best man and van removal service to make moving homes easy for everyone.

Trained and Helpful Removals Staff

All staff at Joel Removals are trained to give you all the help you need with relocating. They are described by customers as friendly and professional. The trained staff at Joel Services will be able to arrange for a removal team to visit at a convenient time for you. The removal team will be able to help with heavy boxes, furniture and other possessions. The company can also provide moving boxes at your request! Furthermore, Joel Removals have large commercial vans that can carefully transport your belongings from one location to another. This will make help make your relocation faster and easier compared to asking a family member or a friend to transport your belongings in their small compact cars.

Value for Money

Contrary to popular belief, man with a van removal services aren’t expensive and unaffordable. In fact, such a service can be cheaper than taking a few days off work. As time is money for most people, using a man and van service is often seen as an opportunity cost.Although this is definitely true for bankers, accountants, stock market traders, it is also true for small business owners and young individuals.

Time and Cost Saving

Our professional service could let you save time to focus on your career while earning more money at work. Taking a few days off can be detrimental for some individuals on a low income. In addition, taking holidays at a busy season of work could give your boss or manager a bad impression of you. Some customers may find our prices too high and would rather take a day off work, but we guarantee that our services are very competitive.

Fast response during your moving enquiry

Quick response from a man and van removal service is essential because many people tend to leave packing boxes and tidying the house up until the day before moving homes, and sometimes forget to book a removal service earlier. Our same-day service can provide you with an accurate price quote for any requirements you have, and we respond quickly to email enquiries. We're committed to taking all the stress out of your relocation and ensuring it's hassle-free.

Rest assured that your Removals Team will turn up on your moving day!

Joel Removals provides peace of mind to its customers by being reliable, handling belongings with care, following strict health and safety rules, and using the correct procedure for lifting and lowering heavy items.

Contact Joel Removals today for a friendly, professional, affordable and reliable man with a van removals service.

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