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Moving Home during Hot weather ?

Hot weather could be a challenge while moving home! You've set a date and started preparing your moving boxes, but what about the hot weather? Hot weather can impact how long it takes to move, so let's take a look at why this is so and how you can make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Arrange to start your move as early as possible in the morning before it gets to the peak of the day

You might want to check with your Removals Company how early they could start . The earlier in the day you start , the more possible it will be that you will be done before it get s too warm.

Movers may work faster during the cooler hours and take more frequent breaks when it is hotter.

A cup of tea could help so leave your kettle out during your move.

According to a Chinese proverb, drinking a cup of tea helps you cool off on a hot day.

Hot temperatures can affect your move, so your crew may need to work a little longer to get everything done.

Your moving team will work much more slowly and steadily on warmer days. In the summer, it is common for temperatures to be high at times. Because of this, you might want to take into account that your move will take longer than you expect.

Plan to leave out items you will need to stay cool.

It may be helpful to leave out appropriate clothing bearing in mind that they day will be hot. Dress lightly when it's hot as dark colours will absorb heat instead of reflecting it off .

Keep your water handy as well as some food or snacks that dont need cooking.

Hire an experienced removals company to help with your move.

If you're moving home in hot weather, get a professional removals company to help with your move. We'll take care of the heavy lifting and packing for you, so that you can be free to do other things. We have the right equipment for moving and lifting heavy items during this sort of weather.

When you choose to have your belongings moved by us, you can rest easy knowing that they're in good hands.

Freeze some bottled water for your hot moving day

To keep everyone healthy and happy, pack plenty of bottled water into coolers and add ice so it stays cold until it's needed later in the day.

Pack them into cool bags so they stay cold until they're needed later in the day. Make sure you drink plenty of water during your move to stay hydrated.

Are you moving during hot weather? Hire us at Joel Removals and we’ll do our best to make sure everyone stays safe on moving day. Remember to drink lots of water!

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